Enjoy off-line real time co-authoring
no Servers, no Clouds, no Internet — coupled with slick document arrangement in spaces and more!
for editing documents on iOS and macOS devices.
Comprehensive office suite
How does Collabio® Spaces for iOS and macOS
boost your productivity?
Create & Co-Edit Documents
with Ad-Hoc©
Master Data with Spreadsheets
Annotate & Comment PDF's
Scan & Recognise Content
Organise documents in Spaces
Mobile and Desktop Office
"Co-Author and Accomplish"
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Collabio® Spaces
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Collabio® Spaces is an all-in-one office suite tool for iOS and macOS, that empowers you to get the most from fully-featured office-format editing, serverless co-authoring, organising documents in convenient spaces and many more!
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