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Unified mobile and desktop support
Collabio® Office is a new cross-platform office software suite that serves as your platform for collaborative editing, document storage, communication, and mailing systems.
It provides a full range of apps to work with texts, spreadsheets and presentations as well as tools for managing user mail, contacts, and calendars on all major desktop
and mobile operating systems.
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Real-time collaboration
across all platforms
Simultaneously edit documents with up to 50 peers and share them with up to 1,000,000 viewers at the same time.
Track changes in real time on any desktop or mobile device,
wherever you are.
Top-notch security
Deploy Collabio® on your own private or public cloud. Manage users’ rights to view, edit, and share documents. Benefit from Collabio’s national and industry-standard software security certification.
Achieve more everyday
Communicate about and work on assignments together, with an integrated business messenger. Share documents via our Messaging Software to start collaborating on them. Discussions can continue without even leaving the editor window.
Plan events and manage
e-mails and contacts
Use smart folders to optimise the way you process your emails. Manage your working day with planning, scheduling, meeting and event organisation tools. Manage your business and personal contacts.
Work effectively on the go
Experience the power of desktop editing on your mobile devices with Collabio Documents editors for iOS and Android. Create & share documents and files in both connected and offline modes.
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Store corporate documents in your company's data centre and enjoy fast and reliable access to all of your documents anytime, anywhere, on any device.
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