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Convert Text to PDF
This manual details a few simple steps to convert text to PDF on a phone or tablet.
Annotate PDFs
Want to draw in a PDF file or leave a comment for future readers? It's simple, and we'll tell you how to do it!
Scan with a Phone
The electronic scanner to digitise paper documents is old school. Nowadays, a small mobile phone can do the same thing in seconds.
Format Text on a Phone
Let's find out how to effectively format content on mobile devices.
Calculate Anything on a Phone
Do you need spreadsheets for more than keeping databases or performing data analysis? They can help you with anything, even with complex calculations!
E-Sign Text Documents
Paperless offices gave us an opportunity to save time and sign documents with a mobile device that is almost always at hand!
e-Sign PDFs
Great news for you – Collabio allows e-signing PDFs on mobile devices as well!
Organise Documents
Only 8 simple recommendations will help you become the jedi master in organising documents on mobile and desktop devices!
Collaborate Like a Pro
Real-time collaboration was never possible without the Internet. Collabio allows that!
Open DOCX and XSLX Formats
The editor supports primary industrial standards — Open Office XML from Microsoft and Open Document Format from ODF.
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Collabio® Spaces is an all-in-one office suite tool for iOS and macOS, that empowers you to get the most from fully-featured office-format editing, serverless co-authoring, organising documents in convenient spaces and many more!
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