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Collabio Documents

Break barriers with Collabio® mobile apps,
featuring real-time collaboration, a cloud file
manager and powerful document editors.
Collabio Documents
Create and edit text docs & spreadsheets,
view presentations and PDF files, as well
as managing and sharing files in cloud
storage on iOS and Android devices.
  • Unified for efficiency

    Edit documents, view files
    and manage your cloud storage
    in a single app.

  • Сollaboration

    Real-time collaborative editing
    across all platforms and devices.

  • Full format support

    Create, view and edit documents
    in all major file formats.

  • Cloud storage

    Fast and reliable access to all
    your documents, from anywhere.

  • Offline mode

    Work without an Internet connection and sync
    your documents later.

  • Same on all platforms

    The unified Collabio® core guarantees that documents
    look identical on any device.

Collabio Documents
Download the apps to explore Collabio® features
in offline mode or connect to your existing
Collabio® cloud account.