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A holistic
office tools set

Perform all your daily tasks the way you want. Edit and format your documents, work with spreadsheets, create presentations, communicate with colleagues and manage your mailbox in the most convenient way.
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United for efficiency
Collabio Office is developed for real time collaborative editing that unites text, spreadsheet, and presentation components, all within one platform based on a unified core. Enjoy Collabio Office on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Documents look the same on all platforms
Any document will look identical on any device regardless of the hardware and operating system thanks to the unified Collabio core.
Secure way to work
Easily set documents and folders access permissions level to reflect your business and organisation requirements. Deploy Collabio in a private cloud to achieve an even higher level of data access control.
Optimize corporate
Use integrated messenger for all your business communications, audio and video conferences and private discussions. Arrange groups based on organisation structure. Combine collaborative editing and discussions right in the documents themselves.
Tune Collabio Office to match your companys requirements. Manage access rights based on organisation structures, integrate with other existing systems, and use them with other Collabio products.
Easy to master
Assisted by contextual formatting toolbar new users might start working with documents on a variety of devices without the need to learn new controls.
Consolidate your
e-mail accounts
Work with all popular corporate and public email systems and services or set up your own Collabio mail service. Use a single email-client app, set processing rules, manage smart folders and optimize the way you deal with your email.
Unified interface
Collabio applications are adapted to the specific features of each supported platform while their interfaces and button layouts retain consistency and meet the established standards of office software suites.
Try Collabio Office for free
Store documents on your corporate private cloud or
public SaaS service and enjoy uninterrupted access.
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